Pockets, Pockets Pockets! 

Run Amok Tights has solved the issue of where to stash your phone and gels while you're on the run. In addition to the waistband key pocket, there's now an option to have your favourite shorts made with generous side pockets that'll keep your valuables safe while you're out and about. Just select the 'Add Phone Pockets' option in-store.
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Check Out Our New 7/8 Capris

New options to the Run Amok range.
The Floral Splice 7/8's take cute to a whole new level with the polka dot-stripe combo and smattering of flowers.
The 7/8 Splice Compression Capris introduce a great new fabric in the form of a 100% recycled, eco-friendly Black Lycra called Renew Prime. It gives all the benefits of compression tights with a little Run Amok twist - cute, print waistband and leg cuffs of your choice.
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