Running Skirts

Add some femininity to your run with a running skirt.

Made in lightweight spandex, they won't weigh you down. They come with built-in compression shorts made of 100% recycled Renew Prime Lycra. Shorts have two side pockets to carry your phone or gels and a key pocket in the back waistband. 

Skirts come in three different lengths. Short ( 4 inch shorts), Mid (6 inch shorts and Long (8 inch shorts). You choose!

Pockets, Pockets Pockets! 

Run Amok Tights has solved the issue of where to stash your phone and gels while you're on the run. In addition to the waistband key pocket, there's now an option to have your favourite shorts made with generous side pockets that'll keep your valuables safe while you're out and about. Just select the 'Add Phone Pockets' option in-store.
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